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Zionist, Jews, Christian Conspiracies, and Islam

Anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that some of us find readily acceptable or wish it to be true either takes the form of historical introduction or offered as ‘explanations’ to the politics of the Middle-east, particularly Palestine. In the former scenario information is extracted a great deal from non-Muslim authors and then massaged in the attempt to show that the Jews are at the root of revolutions, chaos and antireligious shakeup of the first half of the 20th century. In the latter scenario it revolves around the issue of Israel and how the world’s end is tied to its end.

These theories make some people feel better or stronger with regards to their frustrations with their inability to deal with Israel effectively; thus, as it were, indicating a hidden evil Zionist world government.

Unable to understand freedom of choice and competition in a free society, they explain the success of Jews in terms of a conspiracy.

They have a deterministic view of European history controlled by the Jews which credits the others with little awareness and capability. It is as if the Europeans were dumb, uncaring, incapable sheep throughout the process. It is an insult to human intelligence, dignity, perceptions and ability.

Even the slightest link to this “Zionist conspiracy” seems to merit wholesale blacklisting at times, and any type of personal connection is given top priority in questioning and then determining true political loyalty.

Any involvement in Muslim affairs by Israel, Zionists or Jews is never accepted as humanitarian but given a sinister nature. The Jews are demonized, even in their messianic expectations! The Jews are said to control all Muslim societies, the oil market, of being minions of the Antichrist, being Gog and Magog, and controlling world’s finances.

Simplistic and puerile in their understanding they imagine that mere possession of powerful weapons ensures victory. They do not provide any encouragement to adopt and excel in advanced technology, nor to undertake purposeful education, nor leadership in careers that can bring life changes for the better to others, nor emphasize personal acquisition of life skills with which to live in a society responsibly, but instead rely upon external events to ‘win the war’. A person of average intelligence or common sense would be able to note them for their lack of understanding regarding what is possible.

If what they say is true about the power and hate of the Jewish conspiracy then Muslims would suffer much destruction by now. If this conspiracy theory is so pervasive and powerful why do these authors speak with such impunity and freedom? How come they do not behave with an honest sense of being watched or endangered?

The will spin colourful tales of the Mahdi whose story is a series of conquests against enemies. These enemies never form an alliance and simply allow him to finish them off piecemeal. The problem of Constantinople needing a second conquest is speciously explained away, current names of leaders and states are pressed into service as a string of nations is vanquished, and no other nation, least of all the USA ever intervenes! When the USA does act or Westerners confront him with superior weaponry, divine intervention defeats them. A nuclear holocaust in Jerusalem is cast into the story but that miraculously leaves Muslims unaffected.

All this of course precedes total annihilation of the Jews. Finally multitudes in Europe convert to Islam whereby the Mahdi takes over all Western technology. It then becomes the Europeans’ turn to suffer hunger and disasters.

The Jews who are reckoned to control the Catholic Church send saboteurs prompting conquest of Europe. Nuclear holocaust follows in London, Paris and Washington with eventual conversion of everyone. Ultimately Rome is conquered and the Catholic Church is destroyed.

This Mahdi narrative is almost wholly disconnected from classical sources. No practical insights are offered on how humanity will change or how Islam would do better at ruling than the West. How the caliph can be selected and accepted is left unattended.

I am sorry, this hate-filled, envious outpouring of suspicions and doubt from troubled hearts are neither Islamic nor Islam. I cannot approve through my silence such injustice and ignorance from the ramblings of others who are artful in packaging doubts. I thank Allah that He has put enough of truth of revelation in my heart not be such a disgrace to Islam, a religion of truth, justice and mercy based on the certain knowledge of revelation. I thank Allah that I do not bring shame to the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) through succumbing to the evils of this so-called Jewish Conspiracy.
Courtey - By Manwar Ali (Abu Muntasir): http://www.aobm.org/articles/jews-conspiracy-and-islam/