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Political Reforms for stable democracy in Pakistan: By Aftab Khan

Present political/ electoral system has repeatedly proved its ineffectiveness, it needs to be reformed to get genuine lawmakers.  The political instability in Pakistan is generally attributed to the frequent military takeovers, though apparently true but they only come once politicians fail miserably. The people always welcome the change, but after few years they are booted out, the cycle continues. Every time during the political crisis the parliament fails to deliver, governments with even 75% majority in the parliament fail miserably resulting in welcome military takeover. One needs to ponder as to what is wrong with the political system in Pakistan? Two aspects needs immediate attention, firstly the quality of politicians or the elected representatives, secondly the prevalent democratic political system. Both are complimentary hence should be viewed together rather than in isolation.
The spirit of democracy is in representation of the will of people through their elected representatives in parliaments. If the parliament does not include representatives from all the segments of society rather represent minority, it will not be democracy but an illusion. This is the reason that there not one uniform political system in the world. There are different democratic systems like Presidential, British Parliamentary system and mix of both. Similarly the systems of voting adopted by different countries are also suitable to the level of education and local environments. Effort is being made here to identify the problems with a view to suggest possible remedies for improvement.  Keep reading>>>>
By Aftab Khan: http://aftabkhan.blog.com