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Shari'ah, Democracy, Khilafah: In Conflict or Compatible ? By Aftab Khan

Democracy has taken a number of forms, both in theory and practice. Some varieties of democracy provide better representation and more freedom for their citizens than others. Justice, tolerance, equity and moderation is hallmark of Islam, which accords great value to human life, whether Muslims and non Muslims alike. The so called corrupt and incompetent democratic governments in Muslim lands have shaken the confidence of people of in democracy. Hence disillusioned people blame democracy for all the ills, some demanding military dictatorship or Caliphate [Khilafa] while others talk of Shari’a to resolve injustice, corruption and other ills plaguing society. Exploiting the religious sentiments of the simple people, proponents of Caliphate declare democracy as un-Islamic or Haram [forbidden] and Kufr [disbelief]. Establishment of one global Caliphate is their final objective. Verses from Quran and Hadith are quoted to advance their arguments. While there are many reputed Islamic scholars who consider democracy with in bounds of Shari’a as a good system for Muslims. They also think that instead of copying a particular Western democratic system, each Muslim society should adopt a reformed democratic system suitable to its people, faith, culture and environments. The diverse views demand an objective analysis. Keep reading >>>>
By Aftab Khan: http://aftabkhan.blog.com